Power BI Custom Data Connectors (Custom Authentication in ISV app)

In this post I describe about the programming of custom OAuth with Power BI Data Connector SDK. ISVs can implement their own authentication mechanism in custom data connector or custom content pack.


Overfitting in Statistical Model and Neural Nets – visually understanding what’s happening under the hood

Here we see some overfitting case with a lot of visual examples, and explain what you should care about and how to avoid. First we see with traditional statistical regression, and in the latter part we discuss about neural nets.

Understanding ARIMA time series analysis with R (part 2)

In this post I describe the background and how-to for time-series analysis with more practical and advanced topics, non-stationary time-series (ARIMA) and seasonal time-series (Seasonal ARIMA), which is based on the basic idea (knowledge) in my previous post.
Through these posts (part1 and part2), you can shortly understand the outline for ARIMA time-series analysis.