Run Your FPGA Accelerated Inference (understand the basis of “Project Brainwave”)

Project Brainwave provides hardware accelerated machine learning with FPGA.
In Github tutorial, there are several useful helper classes and functions (with python) which encapsulate boilerplate code to achieve provisioning steps. In this post I show you the same steps without these helpers. With these steps I hope it helps you to understand new FPGA-enabled services and how it’s working.


Azure Databricks tutorial for TensorFlow developers (TensorFlowOnSpark)

Here I show you TensorFlowOnSpark on Azure Databricks. With this tutorial, you can learn how to use Azure Databricks through lifecycle, such as – cluster management, analytics by notebook, working with external libraries, working with surrounding Azure services, submitting a job for production, etc.

Create a Spark Cluster and Run ML Job – Azure AZTK

By using aztk, you can easily deploy and drop your Spark cluster in the cloud (Azure) and you can take agility for parallel programming (for ex, starting with low-capacity VMs, performance testing with large size or GPU accelerated, etc) with massive cloud computing power.
Here I show you our machine learning tutorials (PySpark and MLlib) with aztk.